About us

Kalakriti Foundation was conceived in 1999 with aim to promote Art & Artists of various forms in Visual as well as Performing Arts through various National and International Art, Cultural and Educational events, workshops etc. throughout the year. We provide a common platform & sponsor talented and dedicated underprivileged children, upcoming and professional artists in the field of Visual & Performing Arts to promote them and also to create awareness about our rich cultural heritage especially amongst the youth and their parents.

Our Main objective: To Take our Rich Art & Cultural Heritage to masses.
We Say: “Cultured Society is a Healthy Society”.

What we do:

1. Art & Cultural Events, Seminars, Symposium, Art Camps etc.
2. Tourism by inviting various Visual & Performing Artists from India & Abroad through various Art Events and Activities.
3. Art Education Workshops, Camps,
4. Various Workshops for Underprivileged, Handicapped Women,
5. Training in Various forms of Visual and Performing Arts.
6. Provide Free Training and Scholarship to needy and talented students
7. Promote & sponsor needy and talented Upcoming Artists etc.

Our Objectives:

  Promote Indian Art & Culture and Taking our Art & Culture, Heritage to the Masses.
  Sharing Knowledge, Technical Know-how, Latest Trends etc. By providing a common platform to all amateur, professionals, academicians, business developers
  Encourage young artists by showcasing their talents and helping them convert their hobbies into profession
  To avail underprivileged children an opportunity for Creative Expression / Value based education / Art education
  Harnessing creative potential towards cultural and economic empowerment
  Sustained development towards vocational adaptations through induction of various skills and capabilities
  Training children and adults in various art forms
  Organise Cultural Events, Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions and Workshops on Art and Culture from time to time
  Conduct research and survey in the field of protection and promotion of various art forms Net working for market outlets.

All these objectives are achieved with the help of dedicated and enthusiastic team of well-experienced professional team members of Kalakriti Foundation comprising Painters, Sculptors, Designers, Vocalists, Percussionists, Musicians, Tourism and Medical Professionals.