Welcome to KAlakriti Foundation

Year: 1999, Prashant K. Sarkar & Kirti B. Sarkar, ex-students of College of Art, New Delhi, India realised the lack of awareness about importance of art and its influence on the mass and thus with the aim to promote art & culture and to create awareness for many other issues for societal development especially amongst the youth & children through various forms of “Visual and Performing Arts”, KALAKRITI FOUNDATION observed its beginning.

From ‘Paintings” to ‘Sculptures’, from ‘Graphics’ to ‘Photography’, from ‘Prints’ to ‘Installations’, to ‘Music to Rythm’, to Indian Folk to Indian Classical Music & Dances’, Kalakriti Foundation encourages a whole array of various offerings that you can partake.

We also encompass ‘Public Art Projects’, ‘Folk Art & Craft’ and ‘Events’ . We, at Kalakriti, do not believe in ‘out of the box’ thinking, we persuade the individual to remove the box itself. We believe that creativity should never be judged with the boundary or limits; hence we assist every artist to choose their own medium and expand their practice in finding their own style and creative aspect.

We extend our platform for various forms of Visual and Performing Arts in India and Abroad. Kalakriti works as a common platform for artists, irrespective of their proficiency and interest. It is a place that connects the individuals for networking, sharing technical, trends and intellectual upcoming. Be it the masters, emerging artists or budding ones, we believe in supporting and enriching creativity in all.