SuPrakash Art Camp : An Art Camp of Contemporary, Miniature, Folk & Tribal Art

“In the fond memory of Late Prof. Dr. Prakash Chandra Beohar who loved Art from his heart”


The SuPrakash Art Camp in the memory of Late Prof. Dr P. C. Beohar. Dr Beohar who was an outstanding physician scientist, a professor, an inspiring teacher but above all an amazing human being. After finishing his medical school in Jabalpur,  Dr Beohar was awarded a fellowship at the  prestigious Harvard university in Boston, USA. He finished his thesis in just one year where majority require several years. His work was published in many prestigious medical journals. He flourished in the intellectually rich environment of the Harvard medical school but eventually chose to come back to India. He rose to full Professor and head of the Department of Pathology at the GB Pant hospital in Delhi. His immense enthusiasm for science was only rivaled by his passion and thirst for knowledge. He was a yogi not only by practice but also in its truest spirit. He was a true Karm yogi and a perpetual optimist.


His warm smile and ever ready helping hand guided many a generation of students. He sincerely believed that everything one undertakes should be done with true passion and sincerity.


This SuPrakash Art Camp is given to honor his memory by his wife and soulmate Mrs. Sushma Beohar. This is an initiative to facilitate and recognizes art and artists both for their passionate creative work that's so deep that it shines through and brings light to all who behold it.