Anugoonj - 9, 2018

1. Jaipur City - 23rd December 2018

'Anugoonj – 9, -2018' Starts from 25th December 2018 

Artists from all over the nation are eager to present their works in this annual exhibition of Kalakriti Foundation. The inauguration will be done by Padmashree Ram V. Sutar. The centre of attention will be the base model of ‘Statue of Unity’. Apart from the exhibition of various renowned artists, there will be competitions taking place in the arena.

2. Jaipur City Live 24th December 2018

‘Anugoonj – 9, -2018’ Starts from 25th December 2018

The base model of ‘Statue of Unity’ will also be presented.  The national art exhibition ‘Anugoon-9’ will be inaugurated on Monday. This exhibition being organized by Kalakriti Foundation and Powered by Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Artists from various states of India are participating in this show.

3. Jaipur Citty 25th December 2018

‘Anugoonj – 9, -2018’ Starts from 25th December 2018

National Art Exhibition ‘Anugoonj-9, 2018’ will be inaugurated at 11 am. This seven day exhibition organized by Kalakriti Foundation will witness artists from all over the nation. Director, Tourism Ministry, Deputy Director, Tourism Ministry and President, Tour Operators and Hotel and Restaurant Association of Rajasthan will be the guest of honor.

4. Samachar Jagat 25th December 2018 b

25th December 2018, Monday

29 tak chalega kala aur sahitya ka mela

‘Anugoonj - 9, 2018’ has been inaugurated on Monday at Jawahar Kala Kendra. The founders of Kalakriti Foundation Mr. Prashant K. Sarkar and Mrs. Kirti Sarkar in their interview said that the motive of this exhibition is to bring art into the lives of common people. This exhibition serves as the common platform for art enthusiasts and artist to connect.

5. Samachar Jagat 25th December 2018

25th December 2018; Monday

29 tak chalega kala aur sahitya ka mela

‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018 has been inaugurated on Monday at Jawahar Kala Kendra. Chief Guest, Padmabhushan Ram V. Sutar will reach the exhibition on Tuesday, 5pm. The centre of attention will be the base model of ‘Statue of Unity’.

6. City Bahskar

 26th December 2018


Padmabhushan Ram V. Sutar will now make sculptures of Ram, Ambedkar and Shivaji.

While inaugurating ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur on Tuesday, Mr. Sutar revealed about his upcoming plans during an interview saying that making a huge statue is like enlarging a photograph. He also said that Mahatma Gandhi is his idol.

7. Patrika Plus

26th December 2018


Art can aid in development of society. Sculptor of ‘Statue of Unity’ Padmabhushan Ram V. Sutar shared his views during an interview on Tuesday when he inaugurated ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ at Jawahar Kala Kendra. The exhibition is an annual art exhibition organised by Kalakriti Foundation. The centre of attention is the base model of ‘Statue of Unity’.

8. Samachar Jagat

27th December 2018

Acrylic workshop succeeds with flying color

An acrylic color workshop was organised at Jawahar Kala Kendra yesterday at ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ by Kalakriti Foundation. Mr. Mukhtar Kaji shared some art expert tips to the participating children.

9. City Bhaskar

28th December 2018 Page 1

Artworks of 22 major artists are presented.

Wednesday observed quite a lot of art enthusiasts at Jawahar Kala Kendra where ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018 is being organised by Kalakriti Foundation. Sculptures and Painting  artworks are being displayed till 29th December 2018.

10. Daily News

28th December 2018

The echo of culture at ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ Musical cultural performances were observed at Jawahar Kala Kendra where Anugoonj-9, an art exhibition is being organised by Kalakriti Foundation. President of Kalakriti, Mr. Prashant K. Sarkar emphasised that the exhibition is organised to promote cultural heritage among youth.

11. Jaipur Rajasthan Patrika

28th December 2018

‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ witness various colors or Art  Expert artists shared some tips and knowledge for the amateurs. This art exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra is attracting art enthusiasts towards itself. It also portrays the cultural influence through performances by various artists. It also encompassed Art & Craft Workshop, Acrylic Workshop and Photography Workshop.

12. Punjab Kesari Jaipur

28th December 2018

Various Colors or Art exhibited in ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’

Jawahar Kala Kendra is witnessing ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ an annual national art exhibition by Kalakriti Foundation. Various artworks from artists all over the country are being exhibited. Experts are engaging with upcoming artists to give them tips and to share their knowledge and skills.

13. Patrika Plus

29th December 2018

The echo of Sufi performance at ‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ The beauty of Sufi dance was portrayed by students of Kinkini Foundation at Anugoonj-9, 2018 organised by Kalakriti Foundation at Jawahar Kala Kendra. During an interview, Mr. Prashant K. Sarkar, President of Kalakriti Foundation told that the last day’s Sufi performances left everyone in awe and splendor.

14. Sunday Patrika Plus

30th December 2018

‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ ended with splashing colors of Music, Dance and Art.

Anugoonj-9, the annual national art exhibition of Kalakriti Foundation ended yesterday. In the due course, various workshops such as Acrylic Color, Water Color and Folk Art were also organised. Cultural performances were also done by the budding artists.

15. Rashtradut

30th December 2018

‘Anugoonj – 9, 2018’ bid farewell imprinting the colors of Art.

With Acrylic Color, Water Color, Photography and Folk Art Workshops, Anugoonj-9, organised by Kalakriti Foundation left a long lasting impression in the minds of all art and culture enthusiasts. Founders of Kalakriti foundation, Mr. Prashant K. Sarkar and Mrs. Kirti Sarkar shared that the purpose of this exhibition is just to encourage art and artists.