Kalakriti Foundation provides a common platform for various forms of Visual and Performing Arts in India and abroad. Our platform is open for all the artists, be it Masters, Upcoming or Budding Artistes, we believe in showcasing their skill and creativity through Art Exhibitions, Camps, Workshops, Solo and Group Performances etc. Such opportunities aid in networking, sharing technical, trends and intellectual know how through our various below mentioned activities:

  Annual National Show Anugoonj in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
  Annual National Social Cultural Show Confluence in New Delhi, India,
  Annual National Show KalaShrishti in New Delhi, India.

Beside these above mentioned events, Kalakriti Foundation organizes various Art workshops for Kids and Adults and an excursion trip ‘Nature Study (outdoor studies) cum Picnic’ for all students. Outdoor nature study is an annual specialty at Kalakriti for both Visual and Performing Wings. The concept of outdoor / nature study for Visual Art students is to improve observation power, study of natural light and shade, Foliage and Perspective study and all this while the Performing Art students present their skills through various songs, music and dance performances in front of large gathering of people and passerby.

We also organize various Skill Development Workshops for Rape Victims, Differently- able persons, Orphans and Women in order to train them to enhance their skills for their personality betterment and livelihood source.