Aparna Lahiri


Aparna Lahiri born on 4th June 1971. Has done her graduation from Kolkata and also has a diploma in Classical Vocal Music. At present she is a Professional singer and a painter too.  Art is a mode of expressing various feelings, or more appropriately a mixture of feelings and putting it up for the world to see. The ideology of her art comes through her deep feeling and her character.

Shows & Participation:

She has participated in various exhibitions, both National and International level. To name a few;

•             2019 – KalaShrishti Annual National Show at Artizen by Kalakriti Foundation, New Delhi,

•             2019 - International Art Show at Birla Academy by Pragati Art, Kolkata,

•             2018 - Kshitij National Group Show in Bhopal,

•             2017 - International show by Pragati Art at Nazrul Tirtha Art Gallery,

•             2017 - Abhibandana Colour Carnival at ICCR by Sristi. 2016-Golden Art by Genesis Dias.

Title: Beauty of Nature
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 25 X 33 (inches)
Title: Calm Before the Storm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 21 X 33 (inches)